Ensuring a Smooth and Efficient Recruitment Process

How do we find the best people for your job opening?
It's All in the Process.
Step 1: Understanding Your Needs
Step 2: Search for the Best Candidates
Step 3: Present the Best Candidates

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

Before we can find a suitable candidate for your job opening, we must first understand the needs of your company. This is completed by carrying out a review of the following points:

  • The company's needs
  • Company benefits, bonuses, and perks
  • The company culture
  • The company philosophy
  • The customers
  • The suppliers
  • The competition
  • The other employees with whom the incumbent will interact
  • Why do current employees like working there
  • What employees problems exist
  • What the company perceives its reputation to be
  • The company's employee retention rate
  • The details of the job duties and required competencies
  • The immediate supervisor of the position

Understanding Your Needs


 Search for the Best Candidates

Step 2: Search for the Best Candidates

The search for candidates includes but is not limited to job boards, search consultants, staffing software, and most importantly personal referrals and unsolicited resumes. During the search process, individuals are prescreened and the strongest candidates are met. Upon interviews with the candidates, compatibility will be determined based on their technical skill level and personal attributes.

Step 3: Present the Best Candidates

The next step is presenting the candidates to the company. The written referral provides objective facts about the individual, and the in-person meeting focuses on additional information that is relevant to the matching process. Technical Career Connection, Inc. does not rewrite the resumes or restructure them into a specific format, as we believe that the company should see the candidate's original resume.

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